Christophe Cholot

CTO & Technical Founder

Identifying pain points and solving them through software engineering is my way to go. I co-founded Sociabliz (acquired), Envouthe, Remixt,, @swivells, and

Using my strong technical background, I like laying down the initial MVP as much as creating the GTM strategy. I'm a big fan of the "less is more" or "simple scales, fancy fails" principles, and I'm always looking for the simplest solution to a problem.

Interview cards

I created a few cards to go a bit further than a traditional resume. Those are usually questions I'd ask or being asked during job interviews.

  • Favorite Dev Stack

    Trick question as it will depend on the project as you may know. However my Dundie Award 🏆 goes to Ruby On Rails + Tailwind CSS when bootstrapping fresh new projects. I consider this stack as my best tool to iterate over versions and features until product-market fit is found, and breakout happens.

  • If I had more time

    Everyone's dream! If I had more time, I'd do internships (yes, internships) in underrated industries to identify pain points and find processes to optimize. In the meantime, I'd certainly use my extra time to deep dive into the Go programming language.

  • Inspirational content

    Getting to know someone's favorite podcasts and videos worth a thousand words. On a weekly basis, I don't miss any episode of All In Podcast for the macro, and My First Million for the micro. I'm also highly convinced that Youtube is the new University. I can confidently make this statement after having watched thousands of hours of CS50, Mickael J. Skok for Harvard I-Lab, David Sacks interviews about operating companies, Y Combinator Startup School, and the list goes on.

  • Hobbies

    I consider having a good balance between work, family, and hobbies super important as an individual. After spending my first ~10 000 hours on MMORPGs (what we call Metaverse these days) and being banned for hacking, I started Swing Dancing in 2010, trained a lot, spent another 10 000 hours, started teaching and competing across Europe, won a few competitions, and started my own Swing Dance school in Paris.